Benefits of Teen Driving Restrictions

Do you have a teen that’s about to get their driver’s license? No doubt they’re jumping for joy. Driver’s license restrictions vary from state to state. Many require driver’s education courses in order to issues driver’s licenses to those under 18 years of age while other states have a graduated license that imposes night time curfews and maximum occupants for inexperienced drivers. Follow these recommendations from the professional drivers to ensure your teen begins there driving experience with safety in mind.

Follow the recommended driving courses required by your state. Stay engaged in the process with your teen. As anxiety filled as it may initially be, take every opportunity possible to drive with your teen. The only way they will improve their driving abilities and become confident is through practice. Unfortunately the amount of time received behind the wheel in most state funded driver’s education courses is severely limited.

Teen Driving Restrictions

Take the time to review vehicle maintenance requirements with your teen. Have them not only check for tire pressure, but understand the treads on tires. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Tirebuyer and have them join you in the process of purchasing new tires for the vehicle.  If there’s to be a new (or used) car for your teen, engage them in the purchasing process, registration, insurance and licensing. There’s a lot of responsibility that goes with owning a car, and starting out understanding the components is a great first step.

Explain the steps required following an accident. Unfortunately there is a high probability that your teen will be involved in an accident within the first three years of driving.  Check to see that none of the passengers are injured; pull to the side of the road to prevent another accident and call 911. If there is another vehicle involved in the accident, see to their safety as well.  Be prepared to exchange driver’s license and insurance information. Refrain from discussions about the cause of the accident until the police arrive. Best of luck to you and your new teen driver!


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