When Should You Sell?

You can always rely on Indigo Precious Metals for sound advice and insider knowledge. We deal with numerous precious metals, in gold and bullion, and pride ourselves on our place in the market. Clients often turn to us to answer their questions. Is gold a good investment? Why is silver more valuable (or less depending on the economy) than platinum? But the one question on everyone’s minds is simply when is the best time to sell? Let’s not put on airs. We all buy and sell precious metals for their monetary value. Not only do rare metals make great investments, but can also act as rainy-day funds. You can’t afford to take chances when selling, so take our advice and do it right. Join us today and learn everything you need to make the market work for you. Contact us at www.indigopreciousmetals.com to learn more.

When to Sell

When should you sell? It’s a simple enough question. It’s also essential to know the answer at any given time. Knowing when to sell means you can read the market and use your awareness to your advantage. As such, it helps to have an awareness of how the metal market works.

First Phase – Stealth Phase

There are three phases, the first of which is what we call the stealth phase. You should rely on your intuition here, and prepare to act quickly. The right time to sell may not come along as soon as you’d think, but patience pays off here. Pay attention to the market and the world at large. Is the economy uncertain? Are there any questionable world leaders in office? Precious metals like gold tend to surge in price here. Shrewd individuals will see these changes coming and understand their wider ramifications. Therefore, it may be time to sell and reap the benefits of your market savviness.

Second Phase – Anxiety Phase

The second phase deals with institutional money from banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and investment fund companies, and so on. Companies and individuals who progressed from the first phase tend to expand their reach here, taking their marketing mainstream. Moreover, as its name suggests, the anxiety phase involves a great deal of skeptical talk. Investors worry that their investments will become compromised, believing the market bubble fit to burst. These are uncertain times, and questions abound here, such as what to buy? When to buy? Should I buy? Now can be an ideal time to sell, however, should you wish to hold out longer, you’ll be likely to reap greater benefit.

Third Phase – Mania Phase

This is where things get complicated. This phase can prove highly beneficial for savvy investors, as the market tends to appear extremely promising. But appearances can be deceiving. With the market heading up, it may seem like you can’t lose, but don’t allow the fatal flaw of hubris to get a foot in the door. We’ve seen investors lose it all after misjudging the signs. Furthermore, don’t turn to disreputable vendors. Only trust the most reliable, safe companies to avoid loss. There are plenty of unscrupulous traders that want to exploit you. They’ll try to convince you to sell at lower prices only to then sell your coins or bullion at massive profit. So long as you didn’t lose confidence during phase one and two, you’ll see great rewards in this stage of the market cycle.


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